September 2020 - April 2021
Elaine Jacob Gallery, Wayne State University. Detroit, MI
Livestreaming at waynestatedigitalart.com/timeframematter/hardlight.html
Schedule of performances and lectures

HARD LIGHT invites artists to focus on themes of material intervention and “zoomed in” points of view to question what forms can emerge or disappear in the intimate space between an artist and a thing. Live streaming and lens-based technology will be used to expand vision and space - to see and understand the relationship between the body and material in a new way.

In 2018, in a lab at MIT, an international group of physicists created what has since been named solid light or hard light. Photons that were not previously known to have mass were temporarily bound to one another and for a brief moment, what was weightless had been brought into being.

The artists of this exhibition are working with both the new and the ancient: the material of the live stream and the metaphysics of affective experience, to ask:

- How does virtual space invite unknowingness or blur the edges of human understanding about being, place/site, and thingness?

- How does virtual space invite new metaphors around sensuality and agency?

The performance series will be accompanied by documented interviews with host Dr. Mary Anderson, Chair of Theatre and Dance at WSU. Anderson will ask artists to reflect on the dynamics between their own bodies and material objects while embracing philosophical approaches to time, presence, and matter.